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The Storyworks Music Collection is a boutique music licensing service.

The first inception of Storyworks began in 2010 with the Lark Studio Music Library. I started receiving requests to license my work and, apart from the original music I was working on, I felt that music intended for licensing could be an interesting musical form to develop.

Storyworks is the result of that exploration into the function and possibilities music can have in stories.

I’ve created internal pace, narrative arcs and intentionality in the ebb, flow, initiation and conclusion of every piece of music. Writing music for picture with its inherent restrictions actually helped me focus more deeply on the concepts. A limited canvas can be a wonderful thing. Depth over breadth.

Storyworks, in a way, is my love letter to great stories.

The basic concept behind the Storyworks Music Collection is simplicity. We’ve tried to design a site that has a simple flow without unnecessary tracks or features so that your concepts can become reality more quickly. I’ve selected music that works for narratives and excluded any unnecessary genres or tracks. You’ll know pretty quickly if Storyworks has what you’re looking for or not. If not, let’s talk about doing something original for your project.

I had the pleasure of recording these tracks with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles. There are already dozens more in the works and I’m working with people all over the world to bring you the best story music available. I’ve launched just a portion of the music I currently have and will be releasing more as we finish production.

I hope you find some surprises here and that this music creates a unique creative space. This is just the beginning.


Joshua Peterson